We understand that the term "handmade" has many different definitions and interpretations. Below you will find some guidelines for selling handmade goods on TheWeddingMile.com.

• Your item is an original design

• Your item is created from original materials

• Your item is created from existing materials to form a new product distinguishable from the original materials (also known as 'repurposing').

• Your item cannot be created without your individual attention. In other words, if you require an automated system for the crafting, cutting and finishing of your item (set it and leave it), your item is likely not handmade.

• Your item in not mass produced or available commercially


All items sold on TheWeddingMile.com must comply with these guidelines or be listed on this site in the spirit of handmade. If a Seller is unsure as to whether or not an item qualifies as handmade, he or she should email us at info @ theweddingmile.com for guidance - we are here to help.

Please note that you may not sell items you have not created nor directly been involved in the creation of, insofar that you are unable to claim original ownership of the work. Anyone who is found to violate this policy will be asked to immediately remove the item in question and will be prohibited from selling it on the site at any time. If a Seller continuously posts items that violate these terms, The Wedding Mile reserves the right to terminate their account immediately, regardless of any transactions that may be active at the time. The Seller's account will not be credited if the current billing month has begun, and billing will cease before the next billing month.